It's the way visualizing your structure of your debate, structure of your organization, structure of your links, and so forth. It's map visualization.

 Seremonia's Map

What is infinity?

We can understand "infinity" in different ways. First, infinity is never ending. Secondly, infinity is "not limited by another thing".

Former, indicates a case where we couldn't hold on it. A never ending implies there is at least one thing which is unreal, in the sense that it has no place wherever possible. Because once you are pointing to the farthest pointer but suddenly it's not the farthest. Never ending, there is no exact place of never ending.

Why do we think?

Naturally we need something. Our body need something. We need food to establish our life. So, thinking is strongly force us naturally, to consider things to fulfill our needs.

What is normality?

What is normality? What is the standardization of humanity to be considered as normal? They must have ability to secure their lives, making comparison to see their own possibilities and developing it gradually.

What is the nature of genius?

Generally speaking, it's an expert intuitively. Practically, deep thinking, ability to force their efforts mostly to gain specific interest.

Forex Signal

Although i am not an expert trader and i am still learning, but i found the way seeing forex market movement. So, in the next day from now, i will release my forex signal for free. Click here Seremonia Fx.

I did it to pump up my excitement on trading forex. You may follow or not, and i have no responsibility whatsoever regarding your result on trading forex because of following my forex signal. Here is the form of my signal: Pairs/Month.Date.Year . For example = GBPUSD/April.29.2015.

Here is an example of my forex signal.

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Enjoy the ride :-) .

Internet Security & Privacy

Sometimes we couldn't open a URL because it was stopped or because it was restricted. But now, you can install a Google Chrome extension, called ZenMate to unlock restricted website. Another similar service may be considered like using TOR browser.