Converting Fields From Blur to Countable Fields

Hi, I am new to this AI, as i am doing research AI on my own and build it from scratch. As far as i am still trying to understand that Titanic dataset consists of several fields which i can't understand fully.

Is there an end to the universe?

Yes, there is an end to the universe, because anything can't exceed beyond itself without additional from anything else.

Is inner experience irrelevant to scientific exploration?

In other words: can we use inner experience as scientific evidence (including to summarize whether there is God's existence)?

Or: Why are some theists completely unable to grasp that their personal inner experience of God is not scientific evidence for God's existence?

What is consciousness or awareness?

It's rather difficult to explain clearly when it comes to self awareness, consciousness. We need to understand it step by step, otherwise there will be a gap on final understanding

Why are some theists completely unable to grasp that their personal inner experience of God?

First. Stating completely unable to grasp as mentioned ..., is subjective. Secondly stating that personal inner experience is not scientific evidence, it should be elaborated further in details.

Do we have the ability to see the world as Neo did in The Matrix?

It’s possible as noted on Sufism or Budhism
  • A particular state of life with God, through God, in God, and for God. Please refer to “Baqaa external link (opens in new window)
  • Or we can refer to Mahasamadhi, but i am not sure if mahasamadhi involves real death or it’s just entering full enlightement, entering non duality or even higher (not death literally ).
  • Logically it could be understood as giving us chance to see outside universe.

If God is all powerful, would he be able to create another God? And if he could, would he?

An axiom: Something can not transcend itself without getting any other additional. From ONLY one liter of water can not be poured as much as 1 gallon of water.

If God is all powerful, he would be able only as himself ! There is no further creation as implied by the question. And this does not necessarily reflect a weakness of God, but it shows error in question because it ignores the principle of truth of the axiom.

Power of Name: Relational Compatibility

This is the date for Visio Persona (12/30/2015). It's launched just about now. Apply it for yourself. If you are closer enough to someone, then you need to find out whether there is mutual relationship in between you and your friend.

We could check whether you are supported by someone closer to you more than you do to them or vice versa (see symbol "+" on the image below marked with arrow). Further you can find out to improve balance in between both of you or for them.

In a short, you can find out whether you will give more than you will get or you will get more than you give (to your partner).

Power of Name: Teamwork Analysis

Suppose you are in the middle of your teamwork. There are numerous members and you are one of them. See if you have specific potentiality compared to other members. So you can make an approximation whether your friend or yourself could do even better to a specific task regarding their position in your teamwork.


It's the way visualizing your structure of your debate, structure of your organization, structure of your links, and so forth. It's map visualization.

 Seremonia's Map