What is real?

Degree of Reality

We use an example with five senses (or whether we have more than five senses), and because of these we can perceive things.

We don’t know the farthest boundary of something, we just know something because we perceive it as far as ourselves.

Define emotional instability/stability

Emotional instability. It's when mostly our emotional couldn't be directed through logical consequences. It's when we couldn't follow our own consideration. It's when we couldn't follow our own belief. It's time to say we are unstable. And it's on a first layer. But at the deeper layer, deeper lever, it's because there are two desires strong enough one to another switching one to another that would make ourselves living in a confusion, while on the other side there is no backup for logical consideration that fix with the two of them (desires).

What causes people to be shy?

It's because of their senses of being intimidated. Somehow whether you have less confidence but the situation wasn't intimidating you, then you will decrease your shyness.

People might have less confidence but they could react bravely as long as they are not being intimidated. But, whether we have strong confidence but somehow we could intimidate them from different point of view, then they finally could shy.

How to sleep?

Long time ago, i used to be, but currently mostly i have no trouble, or i will repeat my trick again by slowing my breathing again and again, and slowly it would pull myself to a sleepy and suddenly woke up in the morning.

Mystical Experiences

We have logical thinking, so it must be used in order to verify beneficial of our mystical experiences. It doesn't have to be considered that we won't get essential understanding on mystical experience as mystical experience should be approached consciously rather scientifically. Not like that.