Forex: Daily Free Wave Analysis Using QuantaDEV

Although i am not an expert trader and i am still learning, but i found the way seeing forex market movement. So, in the next day from now, i will release my forex signal for free. Click here SeremoniaFx.


I did it to pump up my excitement on trading forex. You may follow or not, and i have no responsibility whatsoever regarding your result on trading forex because of following my forex signal.

Forex: QuantaDEV on Darwinex

This is my first trial applying the result of my research on the way flux behaves, named: Project QuantaDEV. It could be compared as wave analyst.

Although it sounds like Elliot Wave, but definitely it's not. Not for the entirely. It's the way wave behaves as it should be, and i am capturing it.

QuantaDEV is the system found by myself on September 25, 2015 | Time: 22:40 PM [Indonesia Time,WIB]. It counts (Quanta) deviation (DEV) to predict future direction of fluctuation in general.

Forex: Flux & QuantaDEV

It took long times for me doing research on the way flux behaves. Early stage, at first, it was motivated by my past activity on trading forex. And just the same as commonly people trading forex, there was failure or succeed, but mostly it was failed.

Somehow, i found there was similarity in between volatility on forex market and the way flux behaves. From that time i did research about flux in general. Although i am bad in memorizing, but essentially i could summarize it enough to be applied on my trading activity, especially on forex market.

Forex: Determining Support & Resistance

While we are trading forex, the most crucial things should be known are support & resistance. These are trader's map to make proper decision by seeing boundaries of price movement. Whether overbought or oversold.

Although there are various ways to determine support & resistance pointers. But here is my simple way using Bollinger Bands.

Forex: Drawdown or Good Anticipation?

On trading forex, generally known as drawdown level. Simply put, it's the highest point of loss calculating from the first time trading activity. Generally measured with percentage.

For example, trader with Drawdown 60%, indicates there was previous loss with very high risk compared to their balance. Suppose you have deposit $100, with drawdown 50%, then most likely you will have the risk to put your account into danger 50% loss your money from initial deposit.

That's why. If you have a plan to follow someone, then you should look at drawdown level. Approximately 20%-30% drawdown is enough to label someone with low risk trading activity. Although there is no assurance, people with very small or lower drawdown will have low risk. As someday they could blow their account even though they had very low drawdown level. Well then how do we measure someone's trading activity FOR REAL?


It's the way visualizing your structure of your debate, structure of your organization, structure of your links, and so forth. It's map visualization.

 Seremonia's Map

What is infinity?

We can understand "infinity" in different ways. First, infinity is never ending. Secondly, infinity is "not limited by another thing".

Former, indicates a case where we couldn't hold on it. A never ending implies there is at least one thing which is unreal, in the sense that it has no place wherever possible. Because once you are pointing to the farthest pointer but suddenly it's not the farthest. Never ending, there is no exact place of never ending.