The Power of Name

Visio Persona (PROFILER)

It’s about power of name. It’s PROFILER that say as it is. It’s when you have a chance to see for how far name take control on you.
Latest version has quick help you can read on application. It has secret pattern you should know and you can check it immediately.
A quick references that you can use immediately to scan someone. Let yourself be a Profiler. Download now!

Texting Easier & Fast Using MessagEase Keyboard

It's typing for texting with swing style. But it's different then previous methods as provided by SWIFT KEY,  etc.

You can use this keyboard layout on Smartphone. Have a look ...

VektoQual Artificial Intelligence (White Paper)

Basically, artificial intelligence is artificial system behave intelligently. There are lot of various methods around this. And mostly those involves grammatical approach, ESA, Bayesian, AHP and so forth. Those are good and have good reputation helping human to make a decision closer to be categorized as wise decision.

Liar Paradox

Liar Paradox (I always tell the truth, even when I lie”)

First Consequences

Within boundaries:
I always tell the truth, even when I lie”. The truth (in this case) is pointing to “as is”. The truth in this case is not the same as correctness. It’s the truth whatever it is.