FOREX: Drawdown or Good Anticipation?

On trading forex, generally known as drawdown level. Simply put, it's the highest point of loss calculating from the first time trading activity. Generally measured with percentage.

For example, trader with Drawdown 60%, indicates there was previous loss with very high risk compared to their balance. Suppose you have deposit $100, with drawdown 50%, then most likely you will have the risk to put your account into danger 50% loss your money from initial deposit.

That's why. If you have a plan to follow someone, then you should look at drawdown level. Approximately 20%-30% drawdown is enough to label someone with low risk trading activity. Although there is no assurance, people with very small or lower drawdown will have low risk. As someday they could blow their account even though they had very low drawdown level. Well then how do we measure someone's trading activity FOR REAL?

Flux, QuantaDEV & Forex (Candle by Candle)

As previously known, i did research on the way flux behaves. Currently i am applying this research on trading forex. It's just about running one week until this day. I named it "QuantaDEV" and it's FLUX analysis.

The idea behind this is that, since forex market behaves just like wave, and since wave could be analyzed by learning the way Flux behaves, therefore by calculating flux, i could determine next direction of fluctuation (generally to any kind of fluctuation and specifically could be applied on forex market).

Although it sounds like Elliot Wave (WAVE Analyst), but definitely it's not for the entirely. It's the way wave behaves as it should be, and i am capturing it. It's WAVE Analyst but it's totally different fundamentally.

Forex, Flux & QuantaDEV

After several attempts on research, finding the way flux behaves, i found that it could be applied to investigate the way wave behaves. It's all about momentum. Perhaps we couldn't find next direction of wave fluctuation, but surely we could calculate past momentum, and we could see for how far this past momentum will guide (force) thing to the specific direction before the energy was lost significantly.

Since, i was trading forex, i found it was so challenging, as i didn't know exactly to what direction of specific value of pairs. I made a guess that it's all about flux. By understanding the way flux behaves, we should acknowledge the way wave behaves, at least that's my hypothesis.

Forex & Deviation (Length of Bullish/Bearish)

The core of my trading is, Price Action Trading. I did my trading with various style, but essentially i did it by calculating flux deviation to decode an encrypted pattern (of next direction - up/down) within a flux.

It will appear by showing length of bullish/bearish. It shows us for how far the trend would go. Whether the trend would be accomplished until one or several bars. Here is an example, GBPUSD, Daily.


It's the way visualizing your structure of your debate, structure of your organization, structure of your links, and so forth. It's map visualization.

 Seremonia's Map

What is infinity?

We can understand "infinity" in different ways. First, infinity is never ending. Secondly, infinity is "not limited by another thing".

Former, indicates a case where we couldn't hold on it. A never ending implies there is at least one thing which is unreal, in the sense that it has no place wherever possible. Because once you are pointing to the farthest pointer but suddenly it's not the farthest. Never ending, there is no exact place of never ending.

Why do we think?

Naturally we need something. Our body need something. We need food to establish our life. So, thinking is strongly force us naturally, to consider things to fulfill our needs.