Forex S/L (Stop Loss)

S/L (Stop Loss) should be used to anticipate wrong direction on forecasting. Suppose we did short on EURUSD but the market said the opposite (bullish), then S/L minimize our lost.

The problem is that mostly (including me) considered S/L was an obstacle to gain a hope for winning. Without S/L even though we saw less chance to get a winning, but we had a hope it would go back to the correct direction as we already predicted. But if it was failed, then big loss would be our great risk to blow our forex account.

Secret Learning Forex

Many of us learn to trade. Including myself. There are hundred ways on this case. You could say by doing this and that, but i am going to tell you secret how to achieve your level of strategy one step ahead compared to previously, quickly.

It's not about finding correct forex indicator, although we need it as a measurement. It's not about calming your desire, although we need it to put us away from making improper decision. Including there is no master on trading forex even though for 1 until 5 or more years having experience in the trading. But this could be a reminder for us, that however we have great control on emotion and discipline, but this one is the most important and it would make a great leap on learning forex.


It's financial freedom. It's the way to increase our wallet uniquely through trading on forex. It's as easy as making a bet whether currency pair is up or down and we will gain profit from it. But, it's not as easy as that.

There are two basic methods to make a better decision whether we must put our order "up - buy" or "down - sell".
  • Through fundamental analysis and
  • Technical analysis.
Technical analysis says, that all market movements can be represented by graphic pattern, or the opposite, graphic pattern of market movement represents real movement on real market. It's like labeling to a market movement. Just by looking at graphic pattern, maybe we can predict the next movement on market, whether up or down.

What is real?

Degree of Reality

We use an example with five senses (or whether we have more than five senses), and because of these we can perceive things.

We don’t know the farthest boundary of something, we just know something because we perceive it as far as ourselves.

Define emotional instability/stability

Emotional instability. It's when mostly our emotional couldn't be directed through logical consequences. It's when we couldn't follow our own consideration. It's when we couldn't follow our own belief. It's time to say we are unstable. And it's on a first layer. But at the deeper layer, deeper lever, it's because there are two desires strong enough one to another switching one to another that would make ourselves living in a confusion, while on the other side there is no backup for logical consideration that fix with the two of them (desires).