Almost Free Calls Through VOIP

If somehow you want to reduce your expensive communication. There are several ways to support it.

It's VOIP. Voice over Internet Protocol. In a short, it's communication from one phone to another phone by using internet connection.

There are numerous apps there, offering better communication via voip. You just need an online connection using internet, then the rest will be handled with voip app.

You can use ooVoo, Skype and Zello.

- ooVoo (pronounced = "ovu") is video call
- Skype (pronounced = "skaip") is similar to ooVoo but with less ability to provide multiple video calls
- Zello is PTT service (PTT = Push To Talk)

For Zello, you can create channel or you can join with your favorite community. All of these can be installed both on PC and mobile phone.

Rather different from both (ooVoo & Skype), for Zello, you have to push button (an image) to talk to someone, and release it to listen from other.

You can make a call from:
  • PC to PC
  • PC to Phone and vice versa

It requires android version 2.2 or above. I suggest you use flat rate for data plan (unlimited internet connection with fix payment for a month or a week, etc, depending on your communication provider).

More, latest from Facebook. You must install Facebook application and Facebook Messenger on your smartphone to make a free call.


ooVoo = Seremonia
Skype = bernard.seremonia
Zello = Seremonia