Finding The Truth

Do we have to be an atheist, agnostic? Do we have to choose a religion? Do we know a better choice in this case? What should we do to deal with this? Is there an understanding to deal with this case?

Lucky us, if we have a better choice. But so far we have tried to fit our thinking skills, and find any religion, then when we die, and it turns out there is a God, we can affirm that we have fought wholeheartedly and we should get reward for this effort.

Even if you're an atheist. Our sincerity in the struggle for truth and honesty in the search for truth and keep us away from emotional arguments, but more and more closer to careful thinking "there is no need to judge something easily", even though we are so hard to deal with a lot of contradiction in asserting a truth, then hopefully an atheist can have forgiveness (if God exists). And hopefully (if God exists), then all the confusion in the past when we face many contradictions, controversy and chaos and beliefs as an atheist, can be wiped out by forgiveness from God and changed into certainty, that there is no chaos, there is no absurdity, and there is only the truth without contradictions whatsoever (it must be).

The points are:

- There is no assurance, that even when we are dealing with what we consider as the correct religion, then God will put us on heaven.

- Don't worry, as long as we use our struggle with honestly (you know how to do it, anyway, we are not a child), and see if we can meet together within prosperity after hundreds or thousand years from now, and yelling "We Win". Until now, we just hope.

Whether you considered could or couldn't find the truth:

- Did you already pass your life through a struggle finding the truth to the hardest extent, honestly with sincerity? Or are you a religionist with arrogance? Well that's the real case!

It makes sense, and if it doesn't make sense, again, don't worry and don't be so arrogance, we are just the same facing life after death with uncertainty.